International & Italian Cooking Academy

Italy has a long list of world-class food products and among those we can mention truffles, cheeses, sausages, hams and a great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

All of these are anyway identified as part of Italy’s famous cousine. Obviously the abundance of fresh produce and plenty of land to create pastures for cattle helped the people of Italy, throughout the millennia, to develop a varied type of cuisine, which we still enjoy today. Therefore we can say that Variety and Tradition are the two essential factors of the success of italian cooking style around the world. However, there is a third element which is relevant and, this is Creativity.

Three strong elements that may easily influence different cooking styles and create standard principles adoptable internationally. According to this strong influence we have expert Cooking Academy able to export this unique cooking style.

The international markets are now enough mature to introduce regionally such style and therefore having finally dedicated Cooking Academies with an Italian imprinting even though focused on International and Fusion Food.

With a top World Wide Cooking Academy, offering long-term training and short-term specializations, we are able to create internationally a School for training and specialization in the Italian and International food culture, also paying great attention to organic production and processing.

The long-term training courses are dedicated to creating professionals in cuisine and pasta, pastry and chocolate, bread and pizza, gelato and Italian bartending. These ones are open to people with little or no experience and aimed to preparing them from a technical, creative, organisational and business management point of view.

The short-term top-level specialisation courses for professionals in the culinary arts wishing to keep up-to-date and develop new ideas and trends in order to achieve excellence, with also a special focus on organic philosophy in cuisine training.

The teaching methods provides pragmatism and a high level connection between teachers and students; forefront labs arranged with vanguard equipment; simulation of working situations; full involvement of all attendees thanks to individual workstations and spacious cooking areas, so that each participant can experience every single step that leads to the creation of dishes and menus; permanent education thanks to courses that allow keeping up to date throughout the career and in the course of time. As well as on direct vision and practise of all the preparations, students can also count on the support of teaching aids, accompanied by explanations and photographs of the products.


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