Culinary Food & Wines Arts in a Green Restaurant & Bistrot Concept

A Green Restaurant & Bistrot, where Organic and Sustainability are the key words, communicate to the customers to pay attention to details such as selected organic food in a sustainable environment.

But what about the customer experience? How can we spread out our “Green Investment” in a competitive advantage? Why invest in a Green Restaurant?

The organic food proposals need to be defined as a concept model of life style, not health fanatic but health addicted. The italian approach can help to develop a cosmopolitan cultural aggregation where the common point between different food-cultures is the perception of eating well, “health conscious”.

A Green Restaurant & Bistrot should be developed through concepts of:

  • Social Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainabilty
  • Product Sustainability

Regarding the first concept I mean a unique place where creating a social and aggregation environment  and where it is natural the communication on the food culture.

The Economic Sustainability instead needs equipment energy-efficient and non-toxic paint consumer impacts, as well as the recycling industry to the lastes levels and a margin available for research and development of the green restaurant internal plan.

Finally for the last concept listed above I can mention the respect for the environment, the products “mostly” organic (at least 80%), a good supply chain control, a strong ethical control of suppliers and a compliance with less transformation of the product as possible (with well described labels).

According to that we (a team of Top Master Chefs, Culinary Professionals, Cooking Academy, Engineers, Architects, International F&B Buyers and Organic & Hospitality Teachers) have created a unique Green Restaurant & Bistrot concept that provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in a show cooking and casual environment with an average receipt of 80 € for the Restaurant and 12 € for the Bistrot.


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