Transforming a Traditional Pastry in a Historical and Contextual Pastry & Bistrot.

A Traditional Pastry Shop called TUR DE MILAN located within a Castle in the heart of Milano (Italy) has been recently renewed with the aim to become a well-known local institution of healthy food and excellent pastry.

The renovation has been developed on the basis of 5 key points:

  • New Logo to represent the historical and unique context in which it is located
  • New offering of pastry developed with the cooperation of the World Championship Pastry Chef
  • New offering of emotional food for lunch with great attention to selected organic raw materials
  • Innovative catering approach offering ancient locations for exclusive catering
  • International business development for selling unique and tasty cakes

The new offering is now dedicated to the daily moods of its costumers. This approach because researches have shown how the organic food can help to mitigate or to enhance certain moods.

There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that costumers mood has a significant impact on their taste and smell – it can deaden or liven the effect of both – a reverse of this is also believed to be true, that food can have a number of affects on their mood.

It’s important to recognise the relationship between the foods we eat and our moods so that we can ensure that we’re looking after not only our physical, but also our emotional wellbeing.

The TUR DE MILAN payoff is therefore known as “EMOTION INSIDE“, where its customers emotions are open for entering in a new food experience where the emotions are the basis for remembering a great tasty experience.

With such positive approach, TUR DE MILAN aspire to costumers thinking about food and the impact it can have on their daily life.


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