Selected Organic Producers ready for International Distribution

The increasing Consumers interest on Organic Food & Beverages bring new players (producers & traders) into a new market dimension, where healthy food, sustainable approach and emotional mindset are the new principles that can modify classical business balances.

The numbers are straight. Global retail sales of Organic Food and Drink reached 80 billions US Dollars in 2014 according to the Organic Monitor. North America and Europe generate most organic product sales. These two comprise approximately 90% of organic food and drinks sales.

The Middle Eastern market is constantly evolving, especially in the GCC, like the Unites Arab Emirates and the Saudi Arabia. Smart brands and retailers in the region are recognizing that consumers are becoming more conscious about what they eat with a refusal of eating unhealthy foods and therefore they are offering more natural and organic options.

Dubai in particular has a growing number of organic food options available in the mass retailers and specialty stores. Indeed is it quite easy to find a large number of organic products from all over the world and now is also quite common to find stores with entire sections dedicated to organic, natural or healthy products.

But what about the organoleptic properties and the typical taste experience with such new positive products invasion? The certifiers cannot give you also such assurance and therefore the selection of producers become a strategic element entering in the market with a new product or a new brand.

In the common not-organic market we are still facing the issue that producers are using recognised national reputations, flags, etc. for selling their products even are produced far away from such countries (i.e. Italy). Therefore is it essential for a Trader or Distributor in the GCC choose the correct producer for maintaning interest and reputation in its sales.

We have a large number of selected certified producers that provide Organic products with the same taste of top level not-organic products. The Consumers will have the same top culinary experience but this time with a total healthy approach. The selected Organic Producers trust us because we introduce only the conscious International Traders and Distributors with sensitiveness to the ethic principles that are very common in the Organic World.


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