Street Food Business: a sustainable investment?

Over the last decade the street food evolution has been dramatic and it continues becoming today even more sophisticated.
According to such evolution and popularity, investors bring interest and capitals contributing to get street food permanent sites.
This is the perfect way to give innovative street food businesses a production kitchen as delivery base or even define new retail spaces – all this increasing the output.


The Street Food, as important catalyst for conviviality and social cohesion, offer food through semi-permanent or permanent restaurants with the look of the street but with secure restaurant units.

This special food outlets with short menus have built successful brands avoiding by attempting to appeal to the masses – they are original and unique.


All consumer researches into food show how the consumer demand has no sign of slowing and even some of trends come and go remain anyway an increasing focus on quality.

Street Food entrepeneurs would love having the long queue shown in the pictures, but only a mix of local trends with an endearing brand, a strong quality and original offer bring the entrepeneur closer to the consumer sensitiveness and needs achieving great results.


What are the key success of the Street Food? We have today different factors. Informality and Time consuming are the main elements. Indeed usually tourists and workers with few minutes for a lunch break cannot afford to loose time by a canteen or a restaurant. The third factor is associated to the consumers Spending capability, as the Street Food is normally known as cheap.

A recent survey has highlighted how the price range for a Street Food offer would be accepted between 5€ and 7€. Hence, it needs to have a flexible business model in order to remodel the offer depending on the location and the Street Food configuration.


Regardless the configuration choosen, as far as the franchising is concerned, Street Food is Trendy and when a business gets trendy, improvisers arrive (stay away).

In order to avoid improvisations, that could be devastating, it is advisable to rely on a consultant who knows how to evaluate a franchising proposal by showing off all aspects (positive & negative) or to create a new Street Food format.


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