Restaurants: Three Key Rating Indicators (KRI)

Gourmet criticism is very useful in evaluating the concept of a Restaurant. Critics adopt different rules and three of them can have a lot to do with the performance of the concept. Ambience, Project & Value are important Key Rating Indicators because they give an objective assessment no yet influenced by the culinary aspect.

breakfast-2359617_1920 (2)Evaluating a Restaurant starting with the Ambience means pay attention to several elements that have little to do with food, but are anyway part of a culinary experience:

  • the welcoming and the three steps customer services (before sitting, during dining and when leaving)
  • the furniture adopted and its quality according to the experience projected
  • the lights used for highlighting concept features
  • the music and its volume according to a perfect sound performance aligned to the dining experience

anhui-2389108_1920 (2)

Follow the Projected Restaurant guide line represent the most challenging aspect that impact directly onto the overall dining idea. The Project guide line should answer to a couple of questions:

  • the Restaurant layout conform to the culinary offer?
  • what ideas or history are behind the culinary offer?

The Project Management adopted is relevant especially with the perception you want to give to the customers. A history or a contextualization always help to build the foundation of the culinary design.

restaurant-1823759_1920 (2)

The third KRI, the Value, represent the sum of experiences and emotions that a Restaurant can stir up. How much the Customer feel to give for a gastronomic experience? And, moreover, what the Restaurant should ask for the job done? Conforming to the expectations of both, the Customer and the Restaurant, makes the culinary experience a success regardless the level of the proposed offer. The secret of a success is achieving the perfect balance.

interior-2305694_1920 (2)

The three Key Rating Indicators mentioned above are just a small part of the evaluation phase that Critics Gourmet adopt in their analysis, but with the support of technology, such as applications for the masses, these three KRIs are certainly binding, making consumers more aware about the basics of culinary appraisal.

cafe-1697980_1920 (2)

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