Restaurant Tech Start Ups for a Higher Customer Satisfaction

Innovation & technology solutions customer centric make the difference across restaurants. When the customer perceives innovation, this creates curiosity and hence a higher perception of the service offered.

The ultimate Start Ups focused on a “centric” customer satisfaction have the potential to modify the way people dine out. Below a list of Start Ups that directly affect this customer perception.

Guest Wi-Fi. A useful system that enable an internet service tracking also who’s logging on & off for a prompt customer behavior analisys. This service is provided by:

Loyality & Reward Solutions. These solutions provide reward systems and pay-by-phone options for customers and the competition is bewteen the following Start Ups:

ethan-hoover-235152 (2)

Music Systems. Smart Music Systems to entertain Customer according to Restaurants environments for increasing sales. Among the Star Ups we have:

Phone Charging Stations. Start Ups offer effective Customers solutions such as recharging stations (iOs & Android devices):

Reservation Platforms. Technology with the aim to encourage customers who love eating at great restaurants avoiding unnecessary queues:

18645104355_c1364e81ea_b (2)

Smartphone Payments. Mobile payment technology that allows your customers to pay easily the bill and in some circumstances even by eliminating the process of finding the waiter, asking for the bill, handing over the payment card, etc.

Table-Top Devices. Tablets Systems that provide smart scrolling of digital menus and placing orders directly with this interactive technology:

Waiting List Management. Technology for cutting queues shifting these to a digital platform receiving notifications by smart-phone:

StockSnap_MP2ZK3NW5F (2).jpg

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