Steak House (R)evolution

Can you imagine if there were a meat-high-quality restaurant & market chain where the locals obsessed about food quality are satisfied? That would be a game changer influencing  drammatically the market offer.                                                                         With the italian AL TOC this offer is now covered and will change the way of buying and consuming a simple steak, hamburger or a sofisticated tartare.


This (R)evolution model can be adopted everywhere because of its scalability and  replicability. For achieving such great result with a full customer satisfaction is essential a mutual vision between partners with different specializations.

In AL TOC there are Partners with decades of experience and great local market share in breeding and slaughter of cattle, in agronomic production, in management and distribution of high quality meat, all with a focus on territorial ecosystem availability.


In a well-integrated chain the quality of meat is always high, offering to the customers the opportunity to have a lunch or a dinner within the AL TOC in a dedicated area (the restaurant) or buy fresh and-or vacuumed variety of meat offered by a 25 meters attractive counter.


The Steak House (R)evolution consist in combining a restaurant with an internal market focused on offering regional specialities. It has moved forward. AL TOC has added a selection of quality products coming from other regions, offering therefore the same quality standard.


The consumer should have the opportunity of cooking at home what is offered by its restaurant and often this customer does not have enough time to reach other shops to complete the shopping. Therefore the selection of fruits and vegetables of local farmers fills this gap, with also a reduction of waiting times by its automatic cashiers.


The AL TOC concept value it’s all about in the production chain and in the time consuming selection of quality products. Franchising it at national and international level would be the perfect declination as well as replicate it for who has more time and money to invest  in such a successful (R)evolution Steak House concept.


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