Food Stores, Restaurants & Bars Go Green as Contribution to Sustainability?

Today Green strategies are a competitive advantage for the whole Food Industry, where the Retailers (Food Stores, Restaurants & Bars) are strategically positioned between the Producers and the Consumers. Pursuing an environmental protection through increasing efficency, using sustainable materials, eliminating waste and reducing costs Retailers improve the Food Industry chain. How convey properly this benefit to the consumers?


In the World of the Food Industry specialized Stakeholders perfectly understand the perception and attitude of Customers regarding the Green image of the Retailers and the factors that influence the Customers’ sustainable buying behavior. A category of Stakeholders that has a direct influence about the choice of the Green path on Food Stores, Restaurant and Bars are the Architects, Engineers and Companies with Professionals specialised in the design and construction of Commercial spaces in the Food Industry.


Sustainability in these “Retails” should be supported by giving the maximum visibility to every small effort made for the well-being of customers and employees. Fortunatelly today the innovation is socially centric and therefore easily visible through social media. The innovative showcases at a variable temperature and in which to preserve food at different temperatures have the aim of giving bartenders the ability to sell fresh pastry products without having the laboratory but using sustainable equipment with a regards to the waist and the energy bills. This is socially relevant for communicating sustainabilty.


The fight against waste is another key about sustainabilty and innovation. As great example the coffee funds could have multiple uses in agriculture or in cosmetics. In this way the coffee is no longer only a simple drink, but also an ingredient and resource that goes beyond the simple cup.


Professionals can certainly supporting you to build up your sustainability, but helping yourself in this process is a must. Therefore partnering with the right producers and distributors, managing your waste at the best, training your staff to become passionate about your sustainability cause and interacting as much as possible with the sustainability associations of your city or region could definitively contributing your new and renovating green process and image.


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