Youth Hub, a leverage for future Entrepreneurs

Investing today in the future of young people will strenghten the regeneration of cities and countries with the aim of creating new opportunities, raising aspirations and developing talents. Supported usually by Governments or Local entities the Youth Hubs adopt innovative and sustainable financial models replicable in other cities and contributing to the support of young people deserving the access to a large number of services and therefore encouraging and developing the employability skills required by a fast evolutive market.


Several Countries are active for developing Youth Hubs and the United Arab Emirates within Dubai is a great example how offering an advanced technological platform (Youth X Hub ) for encouraging local youth to become part of a process evolution affecting their country. This process affects not only their education and/or aspirations but also support their best inclinations and talent, thus creating all the conditions for excelling at national and above all international levels.


The main challenge of each Youth Hub is to be more inclusive with its society and economy and therefore it is no coincidence that with Youth X Hub the UAE Government has tried to unify the proposals or discussions of youth ideas and projects with selectors, mentors, creators, lenders and investors.


The Youth Hubs are becoming an excellent tool for accelerating the perspectives of young people in a city or in a country as well as a great showcase for human resources recruiters. The Youth Hubs are aggregating to make a system among themselves, even among different countries. A good example is the EYEEnabling Youth Entrepreneurship (YINCUBATE), a collaboration between four European business incubators with various approaches to working with youth enterprises.


As leverage for future entrepreneurs the Youth Hubs provide the desire to encourage youth work with unconventional tools and new methodologies in order to help young people to get to know themselves better and easily identify their strengths.


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