When customers expectations are exceeded…..the Emirati CAFE’ MARA expansion becomes inevitable

Mr. Ahmed, a Young Food Lover, is a Manager with International experience that in the 2014 has decided with his brother to test the local market providing great home made food. According to “the principle”, that you can have the best food on the planet or the tastiest dish ever invented but without a market for it you will not be able to make success and revenues on your products, the two brothers made small culinary batches with inexpensive packaging selling it locally before fully investing in the CAFE’ MARA business.


In the 2015, as a result of the active participation at Milan (Italy) EXPO focused on Food, Ahmed has expanded its culinary horizons by developing an exclusive catering service in the following year, thus starting the search for the most suitable menu and selecting the international dishes revisited for the local expectations.


The beginning of the 2017 represents the year zero, that is when all the market researches and all the positive tests start this great challenge. Typical Italian, Turkish or American dishes are thus revisited and integrated with considerable success among the customers. The enthusiasm of Ahmed and his brother added to the excellent commercial response has introduced not only new international dishes reviewed but has created the conditions for providing new and innovative services such as the possibility of offering a complete food service for desert camping or desert pic-nic.

davThe turnover of professional workers in the kitchen has created production processes with high quality that have not gone unnoticed in the local community. For example, the desserts that CAFE’ MARA produces are able to express the international connotations that distinguish them by strictly following the trend required by the current market.


The actual premises and market responses will inevitably lead in the short term to the expansion of the CAFE’ MARA brand and its adapted international characteristics. The United Arab Emirates are therefore an excellent market for its expansion with new stores, as well as the presence in the GCC markets.


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