Sowing Stars is your General Advisor operating as project builder and business problem solver, specializing in matching projects, professionals, service providers, entrepreneurs and investors.

In Sowing Stars we do care about your idea, projects or business expansion and through our network & expertise you can enhance your business opportunities. With Sowing Stars you can access to a wide network of projects, experts and influencers that could make the difference for your interests and business.



In such a complex and competitive World, we seek out investors and specialists when we want a high degree of confidence, comfort, reliability and accountability for our projects and business. Sowing Stars is a global project advisor specializing in holistic, integrated approaches to creating, enhancing and expanding projects and business opportunities.

Global in reach, holistic in approach, but locally relevant, we are the only ones who provide business opportunities and projects by bringing these closer to entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. In the Sowing Stars network we have investors, entrepreneurs and professionals alongside senior executives of some of the world’s most successful companies to visualize, plan and implement innovative ideas for leapfrogging the competition. We do our absolute best promotion and development for you when business and projects are exciting, challanging and introduced by a client that has a compelling sense of purpose.


Every Business or Project faces unique and complex challenges. These challenges are specific and solutions do not translate perfectly from one business or project to another, which is why usually Clients prefer our fully customised approach to professional services.

Sowing Stars provide professional services for :

  • Exploring Business opportunities and the available Projects according to Clients requirements
  • Consolidating Clients Businesses and Projects through integration and implementation of additional innovative solutions
  • Internationalizing Businesses and Projects during all phases of development and access to foreign markets
  • Joining its solid and structured system of privileged International Relations and its Protagonists